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PowFish Addictive Puzzle Game
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PowFish Latest News

PowFish wins a prize - 1/10/2012
PowFish won a prize and an honorable mention in the WebOs App Hack competition. Raaaa!

Version 1.2 released - 12/29/2011
In this update there is a major improvement in the way games are saved. When starting PowFish the game will return to exactly where you left off, not just save progress. Most importantly, the bug that periodically wiped progress on some devices (WebOS and some iOS) has been resolved.

Version 1.1 released - 12/23/2011
A minor bug fix, some gameplay adjustments and a few cosmetic improvements make up the first update to PowFish.

Version 1.0 finished and released
PowFish is out of beta and released for Android and WebOS. You can download the full version free for Windows. Aren't we generous.

PowFish Screenshots

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PowFish Screenshots

Click here to download the Windows version of PowFish

PowFish is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Simply un-zip the downloaded file to a directory of your choosing and run PowFish.exe


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